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Jesus is Lord

Our Executive Team


Dr. Cyriacus Agbarakwe, President & Chief Executive Officer

is a lawyer, Prof. of Organizational Leadership, and former conflict management professional with a commitment to community and immigrant services. He worked as human rights advocate in Swaziland and South Africa and practiced law in Nigeria and Canada. He served as president of community and political organizations in Canada. He currently teaches leadership and related course in a couple of universities. Dr. Agbarakwe is the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of the International Fellowship of Igbo Christians (Heavens Special Forces).



Nancy Pearson, Chair

Joyce Osunkwo, Secretary

Adamma Duru, Treasurer

Sana Abu Barham, Director

Vasundhara Chukwu, Director

Prof. Alexander Sosheel, Senior Pastor

Dr. Cyriacus Agbarakwe

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