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Jesus is Lord


The ABC of Christianity

By Deacon Obi

God Loves Us, God is Holy, God is Just, God is Merciful

His Mercy Endures Forever – But We Have a Choice

God Loves Us

  • God created us – He gave us His own spirit

  • God's intention was to have fellowship with us

  • We sinned – sin is rebellion against God

  • But He still loved us

God is Holy

  • Holy God could not fellowship with us because of sin

  • Sin created separation between God and us

  • But He still loved us

God is Just

  • Justice demands that we pay for our sin

  • God introduced moral law for us

  • We could not and cannot keep God's moral law because sin corrupted us

  • But God still loved us – so He made a Grand-Plan

God is Merciful

  • God, Himself came to the world as Jesus Christ (both God and man) – Big mystery

  • Jesus suffered as man, all the while glorifying God

  • Jesus died on the cross and paid the penalty for our sin

    • God's justice was fulfilled

    • God's mercy was manifested

    • We can now have relationship with God again (Grace)

  • Jesus defeated death for ever and rose from the grave in 3 days

God’s Mercy Endures Forever

  • We became holy and righteous again, through faith in Jesus Christ

  • God promised to come back to earth again as Jesus Christ (His second coming)

The Choice is Ours

  • God left us with His spirit which we lost due to sin (the Holy Spirit). Available to those who believe

  • We can now have fellowship with God again, forever, if we choose

  • We have temporary fellowship now, through Jesus, by the Holy Spirit

  • We will have fellowship forever, through eternal life in heaven, if we choose.

  • It is by choice, inot by force.

There are Bible believing Churches everywhere you go. Find one today and learn how to fellowship with God again. True fellowship with God is the most beautiful thing to happen to a person.

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