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Jesus is Lord



The International Fellowship of Igbo Christian operating as Heavens Special Forces (HSF) is an international Christian ministry based in Canada, established to advance the kingdom of God. Founded in 2012, we partner with local churches to engage in Christian apologetics, establish Christian institutions, operate prayer ministries, undertake church planting, sponsor ministry students, train local church officials in developing countries, and provide free immigration services through volunteer lawyers and consultants. We are a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. We would love to partner with you. We are constantly in need of volunteers, trainers, missionaries, and intercessors.



  • To create and sustain the cultural milieu in which the gospel can be heard as an intellectually viable option to secular scholarship.

  • To raise Christian scholars who will help to create a place at institutions of higher learning for Christian ideas.

  • To raise local church leaders who can defend the church spiritually, physically, and intellectually.



  • To establish and operate Christian universities, seminaries, theological colleges, and other Christian religious institutions.  

  • To raise funds and provide financial aid to Christian leaders and intellectuals, to be actively engaged in Christian apologetics and defense of the faith.

  • To establish and operate a Christian prayer ministry.

  • To set up and maintain chapels and prayer rooms in public places such as airports and malls.

  • To organize and provide religious instruction.

  • To carry out evangelical, pastoral, missionary and relief work.


Current Programs

  • Regular morning prayers in cooperation with various churches.

  • Free immigration consultation through HSF Immigration Services.

  • Grants and scholarships to students in Christian institutions.

  • Financial assistance to churches and pastors.

  • Missionary work in Africa and the Middle East.

  • Refugee sponsorship.


Contact Us:

P. O. Box 1365, Station Main
Edmonton, AB Canada T5J 2N2

T: 780-800-5635
F: 780-643-6923


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